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A Unique 

Film Production Company 

Promotional Media

Visual Marketing 


Real Estate

Music Video


We get in regular contact with you and recce locations before shooting, to make calculated and tailored shot lists. Strategising our approach and aiding our efficient workflow.


This ensures we capture every desired detail and only the most cinematographic, emotive and powerful shots. 

This Is What We Do.


On Location we communicate as much as possible with our clients and partners. This establishes a flowing dialog as we work, assuring we capture every detail.


With a decorated arsenal of professional equipment and creative camera skills we deliver quality.


With an extensive skill set in the editing studio combined with the latest premium editing softwares.


We tie together your raw footage applying all elements of professional post production to intricately shape your perfect film.

Meet Our Team

Hamish Gardner
Cinematographer (DP)
Chris Bishop

Our Partners and Clients


Our newest edition is the DJI RSC 2. Being the latest premium DSLR stabiliser on the market (Released October 2020). This gimbal produces a flawlessly buttery smooth image.  



 We have made it a priority to invest and upgrade through the years. To take our production standard to the next level.  


From state of the art Film Cameras to Drones. We have the kit to perform in any environment.



The Panasonic Lumix GH5 is our film camera of choice. The GH5 Captures 4K at high frame rates to deliver truly cinematic slow-motion video.  


The DJI Mavic Air Pro drone combined with a extensive selection lenses will ensure we can get every angle we will ever possibly need.  

Image by Anna Auza

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about Hamish

Over the past two years I have started and grown Exclusive Productions LTD into an independent short film production company. I am currently travelling with my business all over the world and pursuing my passion for making short films that truly make a difference.

I aim to help businesses grow and improve by creating visual marketing content and promotional media. Over the past year my services have become ever more valuable, as businesses have had to remodel their marketing campaigns to be more digital and visually engaging. Exclusive Productions has covered a huge range of different projects. Real Estate, Weddings, Music Videos, Modelling and so much more.  


The marketing campaigns I support repeatedly result in healthy ROI from revised customer engagement and reach. Displaying your business and its goals in the best light possible. Solving these business problems with creating content has lead to increased growth and success of my clients.

The these projects benefit not only myself and my respected clients. All revenue I make enables me to serve towards my true mission which is to help others in need of aid and to make a positive impact environmentally. 

I am continually working with various charities and non profit organisations all over the world that simply put, improve peoples lives and the planet. I create films for their funding campaigns, which in turn, results in more donations and sponsorship to make their social and environmental projects possible. It is exactly this which is the driving force in my life that keeps me sane and happy!