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Hi! I'm Hamish and I Love my job.

Having worked in the Wedding industry for 5 years; I understand that this is the most important day of your life. Therefore I make it a priority to ensure your Wedding Film receives the proper care and attention it deserves. 

thoroughly prepare and plan to allow me to execute with absolute confidence on the big day. Unlike other types of client shoots, there are no second takes. 

Go ahead and select the Package and Add On's that interest you most, and let me know if you have any questions. Let make this happen!

Your Wedding will be beautiful, and my goal is to capture every memory and emotion to create a film you will love.

Base Package                                        £699

  • 5 minute film, delivered in 4K

  • 8 Hours of Coverage

  • Drone Coverage (Depending on venue and weather) 

  • 4K Digital Download of Final Film 

  • Vows and Speeches will be recorded and intertwined into the final video

  • Final Video will be edited and delivered in 6 weeks


Wedding Film Length

5 Minute Film                                                                               £0

Included in Base Package. 

7 Minute Film                                                                               £300

Receive 2 additional minutes added to your final Wedding Film. Thats 2 more minutes of special moments, memories and details. 

10 Minute Film (Most Popular)                                                    £750

5 additional minutes added to your final Wedding Film. The 10 Minute Film is what most people swing towards. This allows Hamish to pack everything he captured on your day into the film without cutting anything significant out.  

15-20 Minute Film                                                                        £1,400

Your Wedding turned into a beautiful cinematic short film. Nothing will be missed down to every last detail. Vows and speeches will not need to be cut down and you can relive and enjoy your day for that much longer. 

Screenshot 2021-05-10 at 12.00.35.png

Tailor  Your  Day!

Events and Coverage 


1 extra hour of coverage. You can add multiple hours just state your preference via email.


Depending on the size of your wedding or if you want to miss nothing we can source a second and even a third camera operator to make sure absolutely everything is captured. Talk to Hamish about you day and timeline and he can give you a better insight. 


Coverage over your Pre-Wedding Dinner. Often times, there are, speeches, toasts, memories, and moments that happen before your wedding day that you want captured and that you want to remember forever. This ensure that these moments do not go un-captured. Coverage can be anywhere from 3-5 hours.   

Wedding Weekend                                                                     £1,600

Wedding Day coverage + 2 Additional Days of Coverage for Pre-Wedding Dinners, Parties, Activities or anything you have planned. All this additional footage can be made into a shorter separate film to your choosing or intertwined into the final film which will then be extended. 

Extra Hour


Additional Videographer


Rehearsal Dinner 


Make your

Memories Last Forever

Wedding Couple



60 Second Highlight Trailer of your wedding day, perfect for sharing on Instagram and Social Media.


Along with your Final Film you will receive a separate Ceremony cut. This video is normally 20-30 minutes long, and will be of the entire Ceremony from start to finish. In addition to Hamish you will have a camera on a tripod rolling and/ or a second videographer if you so choose. Dialog and speech will be recorded with our high quality shotgun and lob Mic's. It will then be all colour graded and spliced together beautifully so you wont miss those intimate ceremony moments. 



Edit includes the best angles and audio files we have available from the toasts.


Our Editor prioritises your wedding video over every other client. Wedding Film will be complete in 7 Days. 

The"FOMO" Edit                                                                         £350

Have a Fear Of Missing Out on all of the many little moments throughout your wedding day? We're happy to offer you our new "FOMO"edit which is essentially a 2-4 hour video of everything we shot on your day. In other words it is a glorified home edit of your special day. We take all the footage we captured from that day and place it chronologically in our editing timeline. We will make sure to remove horribly shaky and duplicated shots. Delivered separately from your Final Film.  

Wedding Trailer (Popular)


Ceremony Edit


Toasts Edit


Expected Edit


Here is a short highlight edit from a wedding we shot in the English countryside in 2020!

Tell us your Thoughts !

Take some time to decide what combination of services you would want to perfectly capture your day the way you want. Then jot down your choices with any questions on your mind and send them in a quick email to: